American Hop Convention in Tampa, Florida

2021 American Hop Convention Video Archive

Below you will find the presentation video recordings and associated documents from the 2021 American Hop Convention.

USDA Breeders’ Roundtable Discussion

Speakers: Dr. Kayla Altendorf USDA-ARS // Dr. John Henning USDA-ARS

Federal Issues Review Panel

Speakers: Joe Heaton, Senior Director - Beer Institute // Ryan Yates, Managing Director, Public Policy - American Farm Bureau Federation

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NCPN - Preventing Disease Spread for the US Hop Industry

Speakers: Tanner White, Hop & Fruit Tree Coordinator - National Clean Plant Network // Dr. Scott Harper, Virologist & Assistant Professor - Washington State University, & Director - Clean Plant Center Northwest

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Commercial Seminar // Certis USA

Pest management in hops. Presented by: Jason Downs - Certis USA

Beer & Beverage Market Outlook for 2021

Speaker: Jim Watson, Senior Analyst - Rabo AgriFinance

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Brewer Panel

Speakers: Bart Watson, Chief Economist - Brewers Association // Mark Yocum, Technical Director - North America SupplyAnheuser-Busch // Panel Participants: Jim Watson & Joe Heaton

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Commercial Seminar // 2nd Sight BioScience

Multifunctional agricultural vehicle for hop twining and cutting. Presented by: Kevin Oldenburg - 2nd Sight BioScience

Commercial Seminar // Oregon Wire: A Madison Steel Company

Hop production tools and materials. Presented by: Kyle Seifert - Oregon Wire: A Madison Steel Company

HOPS: Historic Photographs of the Oregon Hopscape

Speaker/Author: Kenneth Helphand, Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture - University of Oregon

HRC // Opening Remarks

Speaker: President, Tom Nielsen

HRC // Entomology Research Discussion

Speakers: Dr. Douglas Walsh, Washington State University-IAREC; Dr. Justin Clements, University of Idaho

HRC // Pathology Research Discussion

Speakers: Dr. Scott Harper, Washington State University-IAREC; Dr. Dave Gent, USDA-ARS; Mary Block, Faculty Research Assistant-Oregon State University; Teddy Borland, Graduate Research Assistant-Oregon State University; Briana Claassen, Faculty Research Assistant-Oregon State University; Michele Wiseman, Senior Faculty Research Assistant-Oregon State University

HRC // Agronomy & Weed Science Discussion

Speakers: Dr. Marcello Moretti, Oregon State University; Dr. Betsy Verhoeven, Oregon State University Extension; Scott Stephen/Hadaway

HRC // Genetics & Breeding Discussion

Speakers: Dr. John Henning USDA-ARS; Dr. Kayla Altendorf, USDA-ARS

HRC // Metabolomics & Microbiome Discussion

Speakers: Dr. Adam Heuberger, Colorado State University; Dr. Alison Hamm & Dr. Dan Manter, USDA-ARS

HRC // Kilning & Brewing Quality Discussion

Speaker: Dr. Tom Shellhammer, Oregon State University

HRC // Research Poster Presentations

Research Poster Presentations by Authors

Link to HRC, E-poster Site

OSHA/Worker Safety Seminar

Speaker: Aaron Miller, Occupational Safety & Health Professional - NW Safety & Risk Services Link to Presentation Files

H2-A Program and COVID-19

Speaker: Tom Bortnyk, Vice President and General Counsel - másLabor

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Commercial Seminar // Kemin Crop Technologies

Presented by: Brett Cranston & Michael Hull - Kemin Crop Technologies

Post-Election 2020 Tax Planning Strategies for Hop Growers

Speakers: Rachael Gieseke, Tax Partner - Moss Adams // David Bohl, Assurance Senior Manager - Moss Adams

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Merchant Panel

Speakers: Ryan Hopkins, CEO - Yakima Chief Hops // Alexander Barth, CEO - John I. Haas // Panel Participants: Louis Gimbel IV, President & COO - S.S. Steiner // Blake Crosby, CEO - Crosby Hop Farm // Charles Matt, President & CEO - Charles Faram

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Cascade Cup - Hop Quality Group

Speakers: Matt Brynildson, HQG Member & Brewmaster - Firestone Walker Brewing Co. // Patrick Smith, CEO - Loftus Ranches

A Beginner's Guide to Hop Sensory Analysis

Speaker: Tiffany Pitra, Sensory Manager - Yakima Chief Hops

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Good Bines - Best Practices Tools for Hop Growers

Speaker: Ann George, Executive Director - Hop Growers of America

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GLOBALG.A.P. Hop Subscope Updates

Speakers: Carman McKinney, Consultant/Owner - M2-Ag Assurance // Robin Rose, Key Account Manager - GLOBALG.A.P. North America

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Hop Quality Group Panel

Join the HQG crew as they review their programs and initiatives for the coming year. // Speakers: Alex Nowell, Jeremy Moynier, Van Halvig, Tom Nielsen, & Alec Mull

American Hop Convention Closing Ceremony

Blake Crosby, Ann George, & Jaki Brophy present the U.S. nominees for International Order of the Hop, and Blake leads Convention attendees in a toast to the US Hop Industry!